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Wednesday, May 16

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Thursday, May 17

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Friday, May 18

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Breakfast Island 2 100 Featured Research Session 1 Island 1 101-Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Factors Affecting Will and Trust Ownership Island 1 102-Financial Panning for Health Care Expenditures in Retirement Island 1 103-Positive Financial Practices: Do Diet, Sleep, and Physical Activity Make a Difference? Island 1 104-Financial Literacy: The Impact on Consumers Island 1 105-Risk Tolerance Profile of Cash-Value Life Insurance Owners Island 1 106-Financial Capability of Student Loan Holders: Comparing College Graduates, Dropouts, and Enrollees Island 1 107-Does Changing How Fees Are Displayed Nudge Investors Away From Overpriced Index ETFs?: Evidence from Two Experiments Island 1 108-Case Study of Business Sponsored Consumer Education Programs in Japan Island 1 109-Fragile Families’ Challenges for Emergency Fund Preparedness Island 1 110-Effects of Later Life Change in Cognitive Function on Consumer Economic Decision-Making Island 1 111-Income and Financial Well-being: Fragility, Knowledge, and Help-seeking Island 1 112-Social Media for Social Services: Can Traditional Social Media Communication Policies Be Applied to Public Service Agencies? An Examination of the Social Media Presence of the Charlotte Housing Authority Island 1 113-Exploring the Financial Capability of Undergraduate Students Island 1 114-The Financial Skill Scale: An Application of Item Response Theory to Establish a Complete View of Financial Literacy Island 1 115-Financial Distress and Foregone Healthcare Island 1 116-Trauma, Depression, and Financial Risk Aversion: Evidence from a National Study Island 1 117 How are Emerging Adults Faring with Student Loans? A Mixed Methods Study Island 1

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200 Featured Research Session 2 Island 1 201-The Role of Unemployment Insurance in Mediating Material Hardship Island 1 202-FINRA Foundation Undergraduate Student Poster Competition Winner - Socioeconomic Disparities in Mental Health and Financial Conditions Island 1 203-Retirement Planning – Boosting Well-being by Combining Financial and Positive Psychology Research and Best Practices Island 1 204-“It’s not talked about”: Financial Concerns of Mental Health Clientele in Rural Communities Island 1 205-Valuing Primary Schools in Urban China: Evidence from Housing Transaction Data Island 1 206-Consumers & Complaints: Marketing Evolution Leads to Legal Innovation from Contract Clauses to General Fairness Island 1 207-Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Health Insurance Literacy Island 1 208-Challenges and Strategies Associated with Recruiting Participants for Family Financial Exploitation Research Island 1 210-Premium Subsidies and Demand for Marketplace Health Insurance Among Lower Income Households Island 1 211-Tax Implications of Tiny House Ownership Island 1 212-Working Americans' Familiarity with Retirement Plan Fees Island 1 213-Comparison of Public Support for Energy Sources Island 1 215-Sustainability and Personal Finance Links among College Students Island 1 216 FINRA Foundation Undergraduate Student Poster Competition Runner Up - Food Insecurity: A Closer Look at Female Headed Households in the United States Island 1 217-Socioeconomic Disparities in Mental Health and Financial Conditions Island 1

6:15pm EDT

Saturday, May 19

6:59am EDT

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Sunday, May 20

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Monday, May 21

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